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Sunday, February 12, 2012


So everything that could go wrong lately has. It started with the roof leaking into the office light fixture. Need a new roof, $10,000 ought to cover it. Several places need new plywood, at $64 a piece, hey at that price let's just replace it all. Still sick after 4 weeks, go see doctor, sinus infection, pay hundreds of dollars to find out what I already knew. I think doctors should have to discover what's wrong without you telling them in order to get the big bucks they charge. Roofers finish the backside, I go out to admire my newly shingled roof. Wow two different shades of hickory. Looks like my roof has been patched on the southeast corner. Need to tear it all off and start over. Must pay dish TV company $50 to move the satellite dish 12 inches, even though they'll pay you to move it across the USA. Must have an adult present to move the dish. We'll be there between 12-4.  Four o'clock and still not here, installer calls, I can do it without anybody there. Hopefully it's in a good place on the new shingles that must now be removed. I received an email from my boss stating that I'm the only one in the company to have an incorrect W-2. They'll be mailing me another one. My W-2 shows up today, wait something isn't quite right. the end of the document is wide open with all of my personal information hanging out there. No wait, there is a 1/3 of my W-2 missing. Torn right along the perforation, leaving the part that tells the world, Hey this is important tax information rip here to steal vital personal info. No less the IMPORTANT TAX INFORMATION ENCLOSED notice has been hightlighted with a bright bold yellow highlighter so the theives don't miss it. Not enough to worry about, let's throw in identity theft. Snowing today on unfinished roof. Did I mention my inexpensive Kodak printer drinks ink, but hey it only costs $40 to replace it every other week, instead of $80 a year. Smart move on that one.

It's times like this that I really wish I could just leave it all behind. Given the option I'd take it.

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  1. So glad to find your blog! Sorry about your troubles--when it rains it pours!!