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Friday, October 18, 2013


I do professional bike fitting at Mad Dog Cycles. It is something that I really enjoy doing. I appreciate when people are willing to pay me for my knowlege and skill and understand the benefits from having a professional fit. It kind of iritates me when people want me to do it for free. I sometimes surprise myself when I willing give the service away. About a week before LOTOJA I had a customer (Kevin Kuhni) come in who was aware of who I am and my experience with LOTOJA. We were talking about the event and he was saying he knew someone who had gotten a fit from me, he said he really should get one too as he had a really bad problem with his knees after the last LOTOJA. Making changes to a bike so close to an event, especially one of 200+ miles is not usually a good thing. I was really concerned that he would hurt himself pretty badly and told him to go get his bike and come in as we weren't very busy. I think I moved his seat down and adjusted the fore/aft position. I don't remember the exact changes that were made since I didn't record the fit as he wasn't paying. I was hesitant to make the changes so close to the event and worried about him. Today, while helping another customer, I heard someone tell one of the other employees he was waiting to talk to me. When I finished helping the customer he came to the desk and thanked me for helping him. He'd had no pain while riding and was so grateful. He was almost in tears as he spoke about how grateful he was. He had come in just to talk to me and let me know. It was really quite nice.

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