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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fourth Bike

  I bought my new Lemond road bike and went for my first ride on it March 21, 2000. This is a Reynolds 853 steel frame, carbon fork bicycle with the world champion colors. It has been an awesome bike. I let Jennifer borrow it for a few years when I got my full carbon bike. I sold said carbon bike in 2010 and bought all my kids and spouses bikes so I could have it back. I now use it for commuting and have added some fenders which I adore. I also use it for training in bad weather.
  I bent the original bars in a crash and couldn't part with them. They now hang in my office with medals and helmets hanging from them.
  After Jeff died I turned to my bike as a way of dealing with life, managing stress and grief. My Lemond has been my trusted companion and has been through a lot with me. I can't see me ever selling it.

Ride the Rockies June 2000

RTR hotel room

Current bike with fenders
Original Lemond Handle bars
put to good use. Old helmets that are cracked or broken.
Christmas 2010 7.2 FX bikes

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