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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Second Bike, First Century

This picture was taken at the lunch rest stop at Utah Lake. This was my second bike, a Giant Iguana mountain bike with knobby tires. When I decided to do a century I knew I needed a better bike than the Roadmaster. I was thrilled to have the bike. I think it cost about $450. Jeff followed me in the car with the girls bored to death. They really enjoyed the rest stops and took full advantage. 
Look how little they are. I can't believe so much time has past.
What a wonderful husband I have.
Leaving the lunch rest stop.

I worked really hard training for this century which was held on May 7, 1994. It just started raining as I completed the 100 miles. I remember my emotions were really close to the surface. It was extremely rewarding to finish. I believe I raised about $150 for the American Diabeties Association.
My certificate got a little wet with the rain. But I waited to get mine so I could prove I did it! They used to give these out when you finished a century. So many people do them now that they don't bother. I have several where they had calligraphers putting your name in. Really nice but not practical any more.

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