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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Hike

What a fun evening! We all walked up to the grave site from the gate at the bottom of the hill. They are supposed to lock the gate at dusk but they leave it open much later at Christmas time. The gate was opened tonight but I don't ever dare drive in after dark as I'm afraid I'll get locked in. It is a nice little hike up the hill and it wasn't too cold this year. In the past it has just been me and the girls who have gone up later at night when all the kids are in bed. Tonight everyone came and it was a lot of fun being together.

The Andrew Sisters

The new solar lights were working beautifully on the tree.
One of the grandkids (William) commented that grandpa lives here where all the dead people live.
Max was a little frightened at first walking up the road in the dark but seemed to finally warm up to the idea. Jeffrey squealed and made happy noises the entire time. Lilly and William were happy to walk ahead playing and making shadows in the light from my bike headlight, 700 lumens. Yes, it's as bright as a car headlight.
Jarrett took the picture with his phone but they didn't turn out very good.

Amelia and I went and looked at Christmas lights after for about an hour.

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