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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Renewing Abandoned Skills

Last week I took Jennifer to a framing shop to get one of her paintings framed for Christmas this year.
When I discovered the price to have it matted and framed was almost $400 I decided it was time to dig out my mat cutting and framing skills. I used to cut mats for my husbands art students to help bring in some extra cash. We have a bunch of frames in the basement that my father-in-law made that aren't being used. Yesterday Jennifer and I spent the better part of the day together rounding up supplies at art stores and doing a little Christmas shopping along the way. It was so strange to be in Provo Art and Framing. It was almost like I could call out for Jeff to come look at something or hear him say something about the mat board we were choosing. Jeff and I spent a lot of time together in that store and it brought back so many memories.

We than came home and I proceeded to pull out all of the mat cutting equipment and tools and showed Jennifer how to cut a mat. I had to practice a little but it came back so quickly that it was like I had Ed, my father-in-law and Jeff right there with me reminding me of all of the little necessary steps. After Jennifer went home, I finished putting the paintings together. As I was pushing the glasier points into the back of the frame to hold everything in the screw driver slipped and dug into my finger taking a chunk of skin out. OUCH! I knew it was going to happen, the wood on the smaller frame was a really hard wood and the glasier points didn't want to go in.

They look amazing.

This is a painting that Jennifer did with input from both her grandma and father before they died. It has special meaning and I'm really glad I was able to get it framed for her.



Jennifer has her father's talent but she has really worked at it this year. It is not something that just happens. I can see how much she has improved over the last few months. Amelia and Shaunie both have talent as well. I hope someday they will have the time to devote to developing their talent like Jennifer has. I'm sure Jeff and Eneyd are pleased.

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  1. Thanks a lot you made me cry! Thanks for your help they do look amazing! I look forward to framing many more. I need to get brave and try it out myself.