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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Celebrating Jeff's Birthday

I used to think people who talked to loved ones and left stuff at grave sites were nuts. Guess I'm a little nutty!  After almost eight years it's still tough to be without my wonderful husband. Wish you were here!
 Thanks for the memory,  Jennifer.
Just the 4 of us: Happy Birthday Dad!

We always take a wreath or something to Jeff's grave site on his birthday. The last few years we have taken a small tree and used solar lights. We tried decorating the tree up at the cemetery the first year but it was so cold that we have the kids put the decorations on at home.

These are the Grandkids (according to William) decorating the tree
At the cemetery, Amelia didn't want to be in the pictures but I finally caught her in one.

It was a beautiful day. First year we have all been able to be together on Jeff's Birthday
I love my family!

Finally got it standing up.

Of course I went for a bike ride this afternoon. It was beautiful out, I really needed it. Everyone came over later for cake and ice cream. Jennifer and her family came for dinner and we watched the Art Film and the home video of the kids and Jeff. I'm really glad I made him give me the camera and got him on video. It isn't much but it sure is fun to see him. I can finally make it through the film without crying. The bike ride helped.
Several times before Christmas we will walk up to the cemetery after dark and see the lights glowing on our little tree. Hopefully it won't be too cold this year.

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  1. Glad to see your posting! Also glad you got some video of Dad! It's nice to see him and hear his voice again.
    P.s. ha ha Amelia! You don't look bad at all.